Top Beaches In Puerto Rico

Unbeknownst to some, Puerto Rico hosts a variety of beautiful beaches for all sorts of vacationers. For every type of traveler, there is a beach perfect for them. Here we will explore the top 5 best beaches in Puerto Rico and just about who can enjoy these beaches.

Family Fun at Luquillo Beach

If you’re traveling to Puerto Rico with your family, your best bet for a beach each and everyone in the family can enjoy would be Luquillo Beach. Thanks to its calm waters and scenic picnic areas, this beach is family friendly and ideal for families with small children. No need to worry about treacherous waters here, this beach is a safe place for your kids and yourself to have fun and enjoy the sun!

Surf’s Up at Playa Higuero

Playa Higuero is a surfer’s paradise. From November to April, surfers can enjoy the big surf that comes to this world-class surfing beach. It’s gotten so much popularity as an ideal surf spot that over the years it has earned the nickname of “Little Malibu” as homage to the great surf spot of Malibu, California.

Swim With the Fishes at Playa Esperanza

For people looking to explore the beauty of the underwater world and for those looking to get acquainted with the diverse underwater species of Puerto Rico, Playa Esperanza is the perfect beach for you. Playa Esperanza is a famous snorkeling spot for underwater wildlife enthusiasts and many come to this beach to catch site of manatees and sharks amongst the beautiful corals below.

The Great Escape at Rosado Beach

Rosado Beach may be far from the city and difficult to find, but that’s the entire point. For those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of all the tourists coming in to enjoy the family friendly beaches of Puerto Rico, Rosado Beach is a nice break from all of that craziness. After all, you didn’t escape the city life just to be stuck on a beach with a thousand other city-slickers, did you?

Puerto Rico is a great place to go to for beaches and swimming. Aside from great swimming places, Puerto Rico beaches are also great for exploring underwater creatures and admiring the beauty of nature below. For people who did not expect Puerto Rico to be host to such amazing and beautiful beaches, this list is sure to change your mind and have you itching to hop onto the next plane leaving for the small island.

Top Beaches in Jamaica

Jamaica is globally known for being the home of the musical genres

reggae, ska, mento, rocksteady, dub, dancehall and ragga. It is considered
as the fifth largest island country in the Caribbean. This vibrant
island, exuding with artistic qualities in music, literature, film and
cuisine is not only rich in culture but beaches as well. As this
island has hundreds of miles of coastline. Variety and quality beaches
can be seen here. That is why it is a definite hit for tourists. Here some of
the top beaches in Jamaica in no particular order.

Treasure Beach

If you want a secluded beach, this is the perfect place for you.
It is located in the South Coast. You can expect to find private coves,
uncrowned restaurants, resorts and nightclubs. With fishing villages
nearby, you meet friendly “real” Jamaicans.

Long Bay Beach

Long Bay Beach is in the Eastern Coast. It is an approximately 15 minutes’ drive from Port
Antonio. This is great for budget travelers. Reach Falls is also nearby.

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is considered the longest beach in Jamaica. This place also has a lot of
resorts and restaurants. They even have designated areas for nude
sunbathing. Also have water sports attractions.

Silver Sands

If privacy is your top priority this is the best place for you. They
have a great restaurant and the water is clear. There are no vendors
insight. A very relaxing place.

Rose Hall Beach

Rose Hall Beach is located on the northwest coast of Montego Bay, the home of the best golf course in Jamaica and disputably the world. This place is near
Sangster International Airport. It also has a cruise port as well.
They have a restaurant, beach bar, and live entertainment.

Boston Bay Beach

Boston Bay Beach is located in the tourist town of Port Antonio since Port Antonio which remains unspoiled even though this is Jamaica’s first international
tourist destination. As this area is considered the center for
eco-tourism in Jamaica you will only find small hotels, private
villas, and guest houses for lodging. This place is also famous for
being the birthplace of Jamaican jerk cooking. Every July, there is
an annual Portland Jerk Festival. Thousands come to savor the spicy
meats and traditional Jamaican cookery. Not only that, this place
boasts of rafting in Rio Grande, secluded waterfalls, go caving and

Burswood Beach

This is a public beach near Ocho Rios and Silver Sands. It is widely popular
for honeymooners.

Winnifred Beach

Winnifred Beach is located in the Eastern side of Jamaica, in Portland. White sand, live
local reggae music and jerk stands what else can you ask for?

Doctor’s Cave Beach
Winnifred Beach is Located in Montego Bay. This was named for a physician, Dr. Alexander James McCatty who donated his beach property to form a swim club.
Initially became popular as the waters they say have curative powers.
That it can restore good health after bathing there. This place is
maintained by the Doctor’s Cave Beach Club. You would need a
membership in order to access the beach, which is why it also includes
clubhouse, beach bar and other amenities.

Duncan’s Bay Beach

Duncan’s Bay Beach is near Silver Sands. Mostly residents and expats can be seen here.


Here is a quick report on my trip to the Maldives. I’ll have to follow up with a longer post, so this will have to do for now. There never seems to be enough hours in the day.


The Maldives is a beautiful place with white sand beaches and sunshine. I really enjoyed my time there. The Maldives is best known for its super fancy resorts. I stayed at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. A very nice hotel! I normally don’t stay in that nice of hotels, but I decided to splurge since I wasn’t actually paying, lol. I used Hilton points to score 4 free nights. Also Hilton is devaluing their points in 2015, So I wanted to get the most out of them before that happened.

I just can’t get enough of tropical islands no matter where they are. It really doesn’t take alot of money to be able to visit some of these great places. Not sure if you have heard about “Travel Hacking” but it is how I do almost 99% of my travel. Basically you work the system so that you can get free or super cheap travel. That includes airfare and hotel stays. It just takes a little bit of your time and some organizational skills to get it done. Plus a little reading helps too. But I really enjoy reading about other peoples adventures around the world. I’ll have to make a post about the basics to Travel Hacking.

scubaBack to the Maldives. This place is awesome! Especially if you are into Scuba Diving or Snorkeling. I recently got certified to Scuba Dive. Before that I was an avid Snorkeler.  Snorkeling is awesome and inexpensive way to view the beauty of the ocean. Most places you can rent gear for 5-15 dollars a day, or you can buy your own and lug it around. But I’ve found that its terribly painful to try and fit it in my carry-on luggage since I don’t normally check bags.

Well this is all I have time for now, So I’ll be working on a longer and more in depth trip report.

Until then Stay Awesome!!